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Hughes Blake and Examinership

  • Market leaders in the examinership sector.
  • Experience of over 100 examinership cases.
  • Success rate of over 90%.
  • Experts in retail sector examinership.
  • Partner-led professional service.
  • Dedicated and committed to corporate survival and the preservation of employment.
  • Focused on value: No requirement for upfront examinership fees.
The Cost of SME Examinership

“A procedure unique to Ireland, examinership is a rescue process designed to help any struggling business recover from insolvency.

Available since 1990, examinership involves the appointment of an accountant as “Examiner” by a Judge in the Circuit Court (or High Court for large companies) to shepherd the company through a breathing-space restructuring period of up to 100 days. The process was responsible for maintaining over 2,500 jobs in Ireland last year.”

Neil Hughes, Examiner
Managing Partner, Hughes Blake Chartered Accountants


"It is clear that the principal focus of the legislation is to enable in an appropriate case, an enterprise to continue in existence for the benefit of the economy as a whole and, of equal, or indeed greater, importance to enable as many as possible of the jobs which may be at stake in such enterprise to be maintained for the benefit of the community in which the relevant employment is located".

Justice Clarke, Re Traffic Group Ltd (2008)

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